June 27, 2011

Do I seem depressed to you?

I don't mean to get ahead of myself here, but I think I need to clarify something. At my son's graduation party my youngest brother said he was somewhat concerned about me.  I looked at him with my head cocked to the side. I knew he wasn't talking about my recent surgery. He told me that he reads my blog and that he was worried that I might be depressed. He said the blogs appear negative. I was actually surprised by his comment. I am rarely depressed. I felt bad that I was coming across that way. So, I just wanted to make things clear. This blog is about suffering.  It is meant for the reader to experience my inner most thoughts and feelings.  For them to connect and see my humanity. Let me just say that I am not morbid, nor do I ruminate on my condition. I am very optimistic about what my outcome will be. Otherwise, I would never have even thought about writing this for the world to see.  I believe in happy endings, even if the happiness is a mere state of mind.  I love my life. I always have. Does it have miserable potholes? Yup, and some are pretty deep and damaging. But I know I am no different than anyone else. We all have a story. I just felt it was time to share mine.