August 22, 2011

The Beginning of the End?

Well it's been a little while since my last post.  Life has been crazy. Probably the busiest summer I have ever had in my life.  Getting ready to bring my son to Chicago to start college.  Bitter-sweet. Well, actually more bitter!  I am NOT liking this stage of life right now!  The hustle and bustle of the summer has set me back just a bit. Of course slipping in my bathroom and landing in a half split hasn't helped either.  A lot of major stressors have been thrown at me lately and I do believe that when one is bothered mentally or emotionally, then it effects the physical body too.  So, I am going to give myself a  pass here and just wait it out.  Still going to PT and that helps tremendously.  I am starting to feel the difference in my strength.  On the days I feel crappy, I just take it easy and try to free up my calendar. I still need the pain medicine more than I'd like, but I need to be patient about that too.  Being anxious never helps any situation.  I started walking a few times a week. It's not painful anymore. That is definitely a milestone for me. Some of the fatigue came back, but I have to believe that it's related to the stress.
I also had some lower back pain which kind of freaked me out. Come to find out, it's a scar tissue build up. So my PT is squishing and squashing it until it breaks up. Such Bliss!  Well, it is a necessary evil. It has to be dealt with because it has the capacity to torture for life..
Anyway, I want to lose weight now. Not easy when you cant exercise and you LOVE food.  Especially good food. I just don't want to put all the effort into it. It's too much work and I always eventually gain it back.  I KNOW that is a bad attitude so I think I will need to start a weight loss Blog.  I have a year to take off the weight. My daughter will be married next September and I refuse to look like a chubby, dowdy Mother-of-the-Bride! Not that I am the center of attention, but those pictures will be FOREVER!
Until my next BLOG...........................