April 6, 2011

The Eye of the Storm

It was time to sell our tenement house. I was done being a landlord! We bought an adorable brand new little three bed ranch in the boondocks. I was working part-time for a Nursing Agency and loved working with new mothers and their newborns. The job was perfect because it took no physical exertion. My husband and I were discussing having another baby but I was so afraid of the brutal back pain I endured for 9 months with my first pregnancy. I actually asked God to either take the pain away or not allow me to become pregnant. It was the first time I prayed with such fervency. He answered my prayer! I became pregnant with Luc at the age of 27. I carried him so far in the front that when I turned around I hardly looked pregnant. He didn't rest on the nerves of my back. I went through the first five months puking up everything I ate, but my back felt great. It was a very needed respite from the chronic pain........ My son was born. The headaches and fatigue persisted and my discs would periodically rupture. I took care of my kids and worked part time but still needed my almost daily nap. Many times I think back and wonder how I did it. I entertained, made 4 and 5 course holiday meals, decorated ten foot Christmas trees, baked Italian cookie trays, Easter breads, had birthday parties, had play dates and everything else a normal loving mom would do for her family. The difference was that after I did something big, I would crash for three or more days! That was my life, but I was still young and could handle it. Things seemed manageable, but little did I know the real storm was just beginning.

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