May 23, 2011

It's up to you New York.......New York........

The day finally came to head to Long Island for two days of testing. We traveled the night before and stayed in a hotel. My testing would begin at 10:00 am that next morning. I was quite anxious about having the urodynamic test. I had good reason. However, my appointment was changed last minute and I was sent to a pediatric office for the test. THANK YOU GOD! It was all I could say. The test was much easier and less uncomfortable than I had anticipated but I failed it miserably. Next we drove to the hospital. I think I filled out forms for two hours! They asked for everything but my first born child. I then was called for a full spinal X-ray. Then back to the waiting area, Johnny and all. Next was the 3-D CAT Scan. Then back again to the waiting room. Finally my last test. A MRI that I layed on my stomach for. Not the most comfortable position, but it was the last test of the day. My poor husband must have sat in that waiting room for 6 hours! Good thing he had my iPad and Bookworm game. The testing was over for the day and my husband and I were both hungry. We decided to go out for a nice quiet dinner. Back to the hotel and then back to bed. Morning would come quickly and it did. Off to the famous Chiari Institute. I filled out forms and then waited. I was called to meet with my nurse. She asked lots of questions and then back I went to the waiting room. Hours later, I met with their Neurologist Dr Kula. He was VERY different than any other neurologist I had ever met before. He knew his stuff. He asked me tons of questions and then examined me. He even made me walk around the office on my heals and then my toes. He took notes, explained the condition and then sent me back to the waiting room. My next appointment was with the Neurosugeon. We waited another three hours! Finally Dr Kula told us that Dr Bolognese got held up with some surgery and asked us if we would be willing to head to the hospital to meet him there. So we headed to the hospital, went and killed some time in the cafeteria and then went to the waiting room until the surgeon came for us. He was much different than I had pictured. I had watched him on his video conferences. He must have had a long day, and by the time on my watch, I suspected I was right. He told me that based on my tests and Dr. Kula's examination, they felt I was a good surgical candidate. He told me that he would present my case to some surgical committee and then get back to me as soon as possible. We asked some questions and discussed the surgery, shook hands and off we went. We had a three hour ride home and a lot to think about.

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