October 26, 2011

Walking in the Windy City....

I really am happy. Although my pain is not completely gone, it is now tolerable and that is an awesome step in the right direction. I was very pleasantly surprised to have been able to walk as much as i did when I went to Chicago. My husband and I flew to the windy city to meet up with our son for "parent's weekend". We had gotten bus passes and what I thought was a hotel close to my son's apartment..... Our hotel was 5 blocks away!! I panicked slightly. I thought it was going to be too taxing on my body. I could not believe the amount of walking we did. But what was even more amazing was that I was capable of doing it. I think we must have walked at least 5 miles each day for 3 days! Now that may not seem like a big deal to you, but just months ago I needed a wheelchair to get through our small airport. I was in such bad shape that I couldnt even walk around the block without agonizing pain. Although I still had to take a little pain medicine, I was able to do it. In fact, my husband complained more about aches and pains the next day than I did! I am now down to Physical therapy every other week. I am riding my stationary bike daily without any discomfort. I have definitely made some pretty amazing strides and I pray I continue to do so. The surgery was a Godsend and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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  1. Dina, so glad to hear you are doing better. You are strong in spirit and body, and it seems evident to me that you will thrive. It is difficult to rise above problems, but like I said you look very strong to me.
    Love ya
    Rose (Rory-nomme de musique) and Ric