April 1, 2011

The Cross We Bear

April 2,2011

Nobody truly knows what goes on inside each and everyone of us but us. We all have a besetting struggle. Sometimes we may look at someone and think "Boy, that person seems to have it made". But the reality is that they too suffer with something. Sometimes our troubles are brought on by bad decisions. Sometimes they just appear out of nowhere. Some may feel they deserve them, while others feel cheated. Either way, we all live with something. Right now I am sitting in bed with either a brewing bronchial infection or some random virus. I am having major surgery in less than 3 weeks and I just can't afford to be sick now, but I am. I can't control it. And that is the story of my life. I need to stop and take a pain pill.......
Ok, I'm back. I thought about writing down my story so many times but just didn't have the energy to do it. You see, I look so healthy on the outside, but what you can't see with the naked eye is simply a mess! My hope is that in sharing my story, I will somehow help others to see that although they may feel all alone in their suffering, we are all traveling the same road in life regardless of the potholes, bumps and detours.


  1. Looks very interesting!

  2. I hope it will be. I will try to write a little bit each day or so. Bear with all the grammatical errors. :)

  3. I may be eavedropping at the moment but who knows what tomorrow may bring...

  4. it is good to comfort others in their suffering. Those who can do that best are those that are suffering. You are right, we are all suffering in someway. There is a kind of suffering that i feel goes unacknowledged at times. Those who suffer from it are those who live with another persons suffering. For me it was my mother and brother who were sick. I never felt that my pain,heartache and helplessness of seeing them suffer was ever acknowledged. It is hard to see someone you love suffer and not know how to help. I do believe it made me a more compassionate person.

  5. He is with us in our suffering. Heaven is not very far away for His children. He will dry all tears and all suffering will end. We will be called home soon to a big feast with the finest of food and wine. But best of all our Lord and family and friends will be together forever in His kingdom where we'll never grow old.

  6. Lidia and John.....you speak such truths!
    You are both extremely compassionate. Something that is sorely lacking in today's world