June 11, 2014

GMO's Is our American diet making us sick?

I have discovered some pretty amazing things about the foods we consume and perhaps why we feel so sick after we eat them.  It's been quite the process of elimination.  I first discovered that anything made of corn really bothered me. I would feel sick and really bloated shortly after eating. Sometime later, I decided to start an elimination diet.  I slowly stopped eating corn, then gluten, soy, some milk products and some fruits and vegetables. Strangely, I didn't feel any better.  One thing about our food is that these harmful ingredients can  hide in just about anything .  For Pete's sake, vitamins contain soy!
I then starting thinking hard about the way our foods are grown, and the way our animals are feed.  A light bulb went off! It's not the food, it's the GMO's!  So I read a few articles about genetically modified organisms. It seems that most of American grown corn, wheat, and soy are genetically altered. I began eliminating those foods along with processed sweets and white sugar. All I can say is "WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT'S MADE!"  My family who is gluten intolerant can now eat wheat as long as it's organic or imported from countries that ban GMO's.  It's also important to know that most of our zucchini, summer squash, and sugar beets are also GMO.  Read labels, all these products hide.
What I have found is that white sugar causes major inflammation in my body.   If I bake with organic sugar and organic flour I don't feel the side effects. Be aware, we are what we eat!

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